The Outline for a Decentralized Platform to Bridge Between TBC and Merchants

The intent of this article is to give us a basic picture of a bridge to span the gap between the TBC wallet system and the world of merchants in the marketplace. The meaning of marketplace, herein, simply refers to that of any person selling any type of goods or services. Bridge simply meaning, that of being able to transact between merchant and buyer, with a single click of the mouse, or a touch of a finger on a device on which the TBC wallet is installed or logged in with.

The platform will have the capability of allowing merchants like a retail store, for example, owner to create an account on the platform and when logged in, enter all of the store’s inventory with quantity and price of each product. This will automatically also give the merchant at-a-glance of inventory, and the platform will print QR code stickers for the items, which will be scan-able at the till. When the shopper comes to the till with all of his/her items in the cart and when scanned by the clerk, the till will simply add up all of the scanned items as one total and pop a QR in the screen which can be scanned by cellphone, which has the platform app installed. The total will then pop up on the cellphone and the buyer will just hit send and shopping is done.

Time-based services will also be able to be entered into the platform. Such as when an employee works by the hour, a QR code would generate when the hours would be totaled up. The platform will also come with many additional functions, such as weekly specials, sellout specials, coupon codes, for those who enjoy paying tax, we may put that option in as well.

The speed of the Dough platform will be equivalent to that of Telegram. Which far supersedes that of VISA. And will maintain that of an online banking experience, in so far as the options of password recovery and so on. The Dough platform will be hosted on a decentralized server network worldwide. The Dough will also have a currency which will base its price on 3 different commodities which will keep the price more stable. Diamonds, Gold, and Silver. The coin will be called Dough, the breakdown will be called Bits. The price will start at 1/4 of a penny in USD and will go up 1% per every 100 wallets created. The price will also be coded into the coin itself. The Dough platform will have the capability of allowing people to store TBC in their wallet on the Dough platform, so as to choose to pay with TBC or Dough right from their Dough APP. Dough will be tradable with TBC on the Dough platform. There will be a total 500,000,000 Dough coins made and will lock their ultimate price of 100,000,000 in USD per Dough. The Dough Coin will launch 2 years after the Dough Platform launches. This will help us get TBC more mature before we get the Dough out.

Many People are Also Concerned about Privacy.

When it comes to transactions, privacy can be of great concern. Which is why the Dough platform will provide complete privacy of all transactions. It will even lose the IP addresses of the sending and receiving wallets. It will be equal to that of taking cash to go and make a purchase at a store.

These are the basics of the Idea I had for creating a bridge for people who have retail stores, or any type of business and want to easily accept TBC for payment.

Updated: June 22, 2018 — 5:01 pm

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