Prosperity…What Really is it, Where Does it Come From, or How Do You Acquire it?

What is prosperity? Well in a way it means almost anything. Because it varies from person to person.

cryptoHowever, the general meaning of prosperity is to continually get closer to the desired end. Everybody wants prosperity in some way. But most people make little or no headways in their quest for living a life of prosperity. It is my belief that most of the time, the desired prosperity is too undefined and therefore never comes to the realization on the screen of space in any moment of time. A person’s decisions in all his duties in life are made in accordance with his desires, and the intensity of that desire.

Most desires people have are not really intense and therefore the decision to fulfill that desire is not clear-cut.

No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

So when you have a desire for something that you really want, and you want it to the point where it becomes an all-out obsession, it is much more likely that all of your decisions will bring you closer to getting the thing you desire. Whereas if your attention is directed towards many other things, your thoughts are scattered and you make no headways toward anything.

Is a person’s progress depends upon laws or regulations allowing progress to proceed?

No, we live in a perfect world where any man can have what he desires without hurting anyone else. Laws or regulations cannot stop progress to the person who goes about it in the correct way. Question is, are you open and willing to follow your inner gut instincts and do what it takes to enjoy the prosperity you desire. Prosperity isn’t to have everything you want, but to make a steady pace towards achieving it, while enjoying each moment in time and screen of space in eternity. Meaning in the ever-present now.

The ultimate powers for achievement self-love, self-confidence, and joy. Within yourself, you have the power of originating thoughts and ideas. In the aforementioned moods of mind, the right thoughts and ideas for prosperity come to the surface and must be acted upon at once.

He who takes time to meditate upon the powers that lay dormant within him will awaken the sleeping giant of prosperity within him and will begin fulfilling his desires in huge strides of progress. When you find the within, there is also help available to get the without in place.

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