On YouTube Live May 6, 2018, at 9:00 pm, EST, The Most Powerful Silent Protest

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The power of networkingLadies and gentlemen, It’s time we let go of all disagreements and judging of each other’s differences and begin to work together. We know that our purpose is the same for all of us as humans, which is freedom and prosperity, which is something we all deserve.

We also know that manipulation, disinformation, deceit and much crime against humanity have been used to push this world’s population deep into an enslavement. The only way this has been possible for these Satanists to accomplish this is because, we let them control the one thing we all need in our daily lives. Money, or better said, currency.

Those thugs that are behind all of this, must be stopped.

We can do this by using the one Most Powerful, Silent, Protesting Tool that is available to all of us. And that is TBC, Yes, that is right. If we unitedly work together and share TBC with all of our friends and families where we can, we can not only beat them, but we will see peace and prosperity. The likes of which, we have never before seen.

I say it’s time we move towards that goal quickly and bring freedom and abundance to humanity.

Join me on YouTube Live Here.

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