On YouTube Live May 5, 2018, at 9:00 pm, EST, To Strengthen Local Communities

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Satisfaction GuaranteedDear People, it’s important that we lay aside our nitpicky differences, stop judging each other and work unitedly together. To achieve the same common goal we all want. And that is peace and prosperity. Is that not so?

Tonight I want to talk about ways of building up local communities by bringing businesses back to local areas. We must reverse the movements and setup that has been created by the thugs that have been in control for the past 200 years.

It is important that be improvise and do everything in our power to make TBC mainstream for a global monetary system, in order to stop using the FIAT system that is still keeping us enslaved.

For those of you who have TBC and have businesses, you need to step up and do as much business excepting TBC for payment as possible, in order to spread its usage more. I think we can all see that if we unite in this effort, we really can create peace and prosperity on earth like none of us have ever seen. Personally, I see that as a very good thing and a definite possibility.

Join me On YouTube at 9:00 pm, EST

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed that if we all together find ways to build a strong local economy where everyone is happy and satisfied. You will bee too. Guaranteed!

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