Live Cast on YouTube Tonight May 2, 2018, 9:00 pm, EST, What Trump is Really Up To

If you think that Trump is Working to make America Better for the People, You need to Wake Up.

Join me on YouTube, May 2, 2018, 6:00 pm, EST

Don’t go to sleep just yet America. Thos G5 towers that are being installed, do not even belong on our planet, much less in your backyard. I’ve been updating myself on things that concern the health of the following things.

  • Human health, by this I simply mean that of being healthy in everyday life and seeing to it we as humans do our part, that our surrounding atmosphere is kept in check so as to not get sick from what we allow in it. This includes chemtrails, radiation and such like.
  • Economic health, while we are doing everything we can to be in good bodily health and have a healthy atmosphere to live and breathe in, we also need a healthy economy. This ladies and gentlemen, we can only accomplish by turning away from using the FIAT monetary system in business as well as in the marketplace.

We must find ways to move quickly with TBC.

The Billion Coin needs to become the main money system in many countries. Especially in the US. I believe we need to be concerned for the American people in this difficult time. The US has been mainly used by the banking cartel to create havoc all over the world, and these people are not giving up easily. In the midst of all this, it’s hard to tell on who’s side Trump is on, or if he perhaps has an agenda of his own, that may be just as destructive to the American people as it would have been otherwise.

The Billion Coin came about for the right purpose, at the right time. The question is, are we going to move fast enough to cripple those banksters and major corporations enough to disempower the fury of that raging criminal group, called cabal. Or whatever.

TBC now has the capacity to stand in as a people’s bank for processing peer to peer transactions, for worldwide adoption. Meaning, the new blockchain and wallet system can handle the load that would be required.

So now there is nothing stopping us from moving forward very fast, which I believe we are already beginning to accelerate to the achievement of our goal in a relatively short period of time.

Join me on YouTube, May 2, 2018, 6:00 pm, EST

Great discussions about all of the things mentioned above.

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