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FreedomThe Movement Against the Rothschild’s Hegemony has Begun.

Join my Live Cast on YouTube May 3, 2018, 9:00 pm, EST.

Libya, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Iceland, Hungary, Russia, China, Philippines, Bolivia

This Jewish family is in control of most of the central banks on our planet, except for countries like Libya, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and all those other countries that are dubbed the enemies of ‘democracy’.

However, more and more countries are now taking back control over their central banks.

Iceland has arrested all Rothschild bankers, while Hungary was the first European country to ban the Rothschild empire from ruling over their citizens’ properties.

Russia and China have found a way of working around the Rothschild’s capitalist demands.

Now the Philippine leader, Rodrigo Duterte has kicked the Rothschild and all their financial criminal traces out of his country.

Duterte’s motivation was based on the fact, that he has no boss to work for, except for the people of his country.

The financial blackmail must be stopped, before all the country’s assets are stolen by these economic thugs.

Now the Philippines can get rid of the CIA and their corrupted partners, in order to develop the Philippines into a country of peace, prosperity, and freedom the people deserve it.

Because that’s how they operate!

The first cause financial havoc with bad investments caused by their puppets, then they lend you money to replace the economic holes, created by corrupted lawmakers, in order to decide what’s good and bad for the targeted country.

In the end, these central bank loans need to be supported by collateral, which in turn hands over the country’s minerals and other riches.

As long as the Rothschild’s call the shots, the state properties will get robbed away in front of your own eyes.

To improve the world countries economies everyone has to get rid the privatized central bank system.

If not people are kept being pushed into poverty, with the Zionist media covering up their systematic crimes against humanity.

Join my Live Cast on YouTube May 3, 2018, 9:00 pm, EST.

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