How to Advance in the Harnessing of Free Energy. Live on YouTube May 23, 2018, at 9:00 pm, EST

Live on YouTube, Tonight at 9:00 pm, EST

Satisfaction GuaranteedTonight I will be talking about ways in which we can advance in the spreading of TBC and Free Clean Energy. There is no business in retail that couldn’t involve TBC. And anything that involves TBC in business or trading anywhere, is an enhancement in the quality of life in human experience. The simple reason being is that TBC increases in price constantly, by which means it increases the quality of life’s experience, for TBC holders, every single day.

And as we consider the increase of the quality of life for people who get to experience the Generation of Clean, Free Energy, and the added value that TBC brings, I’m speechless.

Ladies and gentlemen, the opportunity is now! And it’s the biggest that it’s ever been. All we need to do is unite our efforts and bring to humanity what it deserves. Freedom, Peace, Abundance and Free Clean Energy.

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