Get 5 People Ready and Make Five Grand On the Weekend…

economyAs many of you may already know, there are some big thing brewing with some of the leaders in TBC. We are kicking off a Cash-Flow Campaign which will allow you to easily make $5,000.00 in one weekend.

Three. Required must be met, to qualify to be in on the weekend of trading for this Cash-Flow Kick off.

  1. You must be on standby to join us in a live meeting with BitcoinScottt for a complete briefing on the details, in just a day or two.
  2. You must buy $500 worth ok kringles at in order to support the project.
  3. You must get 5 people who are interested in making $5,000.00 in a weekend of doing peer to peer FIAT for Kringles trading.

If this interests you, please contact people you want to invite, make sure you have at least 5 people committing to participate. If you have more than 5 is no problem, but 5 is the minimum.

Please stay tuned for details, Qualification #1.

Let’s do this!

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