Nightly on YouTube Live, we discuss ways of bringing back local business, which has been silently siphoned away by major corporations and chains of franchise systems.

Most of the governments of the world have been rigged by the banking cartels, which have been using the US dollar and the US government, (Mainly the CIA and US Military,) as an umbrella under which they have been sitting and creating all of the boom/bust cycles, all of the wars, false flag terror attacks like 911, Peals Harbor, to deceive the world’s population and cun people into excepting the idea of going to war. Meanwhile, those wars were only an effort to enslave every country on earth. And all of the major store chains, restaurant chains, and major corporations have all been set up for the purpose of siphoning away of the wealth from local economies all over the globe. By these means, they have impoverished local communities everywhere and made us all debt-slaves.

Does that sound like something we volunteered for?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t, and now it’s time to stand up and fight for our very  survival. And knowing what their plans are, is a huge help in knowing what to do. In order to gain our freedoms back and be able to build strong local economies again.

The central banking cartels have created a system and been perfecting it over the span of thousands of years and those who designed it, are spending all of the wealth from the working class, using the leaders of Countries as puppets to enforce all of the meticulous laws upon us and make us pay outrageous taxes, so they can keep on funding wars, killing people and creating havoc on this wonderful planet we call home.

Who Are there Pricks?

See what Ron Paul has to say.

Their aim is to eventually have every man, woman, and child in a complete lockdown. Practically every person knows that there is something vastly wrong with our entire economic setup, but few actually make the effort to find out what it is, much less try to figure out how to fix it. The wonderful news is that it can be fixed. Find more Here.

Central Banks are Scrambling to try and STOP CryptoCurrencies.

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