CryptoTBC Live Stream At 2:00 PM, EST, Today Apr 5 2018

togetherLadies and gentlemen, on today’s live stream, I will be talking about the agenda of the Elite and what we can do in order to protect our selves, while at the same time minimizing their power to a point where they will not be able to succeed with their evil plans.

Together we can create a new world in which everyone can thrive.

For hundreds of years, the elite has been following their agenda which is to take complete control of the entire world’s population and completely control every individual. When we look at the way it’s been going for the past 100 years, we can easily see that if we do not wake up and do something to change the ods, the times we are headed for are not good.

Here’s a good movie to see what’s been happening, and what steps we can take to make things better. Video. Please do watch it and comment on it here on CryptoTBC.

Thank you

See you on the YouTube Live Stream at 2:00 PM, EST.


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