Crypto-TBC Night Show Live on YouTube, April 11, 2018, 11: 00 Pm EST zone,

mindOn tonight’s show, I will be talking about the mission of TBC, how the mission is being fulfilled, and how the cookie rewards program works.

Ladies and gentlemen, the supply of all of man kind’s needs are abundantly provided for. The earth is rich in substance, everything we need is supplied far beyond out capability of consumption.

But we have an evil group of people who are in control of most of the world’s resources and are controlling many of the minds of the general population. We must not give in to their cowardly terror attacks any longer and begin embracing what freedom we have left.

We also must take steps to regain our lost freedom back completely, for ourselves and future generations. The elite knows that they are losing their objective. But, it’s up to all of us to make sure they do. They are right now using every cowardly scheme they can think of to control more people’s minds by instilling fear.

Don’t be swayed. We can stand up to regain our liberty as it should be for humanity.

Learn more about Cookie Rewards.

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