500% Bonus Ends…

KringlesAre you taking advantage of this 500% bonus? Back on the 21 of June 2018, TBC put a special on giving us 500% extra coin for every purchase we made and as for the cookies that gives us is staggering.

During this time I have gained more than 8 Billion cookies from the coin I purchased. That will be worth like 80 TBC coins. I know that other people also have gained some significant cookies too, from the coins I have sold.

So the QUESTION is, are You going to take advantage of this Generous offer that TBC is running for just 3 more days? No pressure. Just know in 3 days the 500% Special ends.

If you want to take advantage of, you can do so HERE!


P.S. The riches go to those who take advantage when the time presents the opportunity.

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