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This Crypto Money Will Effect People Everywhere!
Hi, And Welcome to CryptoTBC.com… Much of the World’s Population Is Living in Poverty, And This Crypto Money is Changing that Reality. The Result of This Crypto Money, Is a New Global Economy of Prosperity for Humanity Everywhere!

Never before has there been anything created, that was powerful enough to change the world economy to ease the suffering of humanity and end poverty Globally… TheBillionCoin is a Crypto Money that is not under the control of the Banking Cartels and has been created to change the economy and give the power and prosperity back to the people.

The Price of a TBC coin is Equal to one grain of GOLD Per Community Member. This simply means that at the count of 1,000,000,000 community members, each coin will be worth 1,000,000,000 Grains of GOLD And with a Total of 1,000,000,000 coins, that’s enough to END Global Poverty!

When TBC reaches its ultimate price, it will be a completely decentralized system that operates totally peer to peer with no central wallet system. And it will have the capacity to end world poverty. If you a not yet using TBC, then claim your Free gift right now, or learn more about how the kringles system works and how the TBC cookies reward program works… Don’t have a TBC Wallet yet? Then I have a Free Gift for You Click Join Now! To create a free account to gain access to inside information.

P.S. Creating Cash-flow with TBC is easy when using the system that has the exact laid out steps to follow… No Job can create the kind of cash-flow this system can provide for you. Check out FIAT VS Bitcoin
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