Here you can collect your FREE Gift of 250 Cookies, and if you’d like, you can also purchase TBC AKA Kringles. You can also share this Free gift with your family and friends… Need a TBC Supplier? You can partner with John to sell TBC/Kringles to your family and friends.

The Price of TBC is now pegged to the price of GOLD. Making each coin worth 2.2 Billion USD at full price.

We didn’t go away… We Got Better.


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You will also learn about who the Banking Cartels are and how they have been enslaving us with their debt based monetary system.

And how they have managed to create and fund all of those wars.

How they have been suppressing natural cures for cancer and many other illnesses. And much more…

How they have been suppressing technologies like, free energy and many other benefits we could have been enjoying.

How we by the use of TBC will be changing the world, by gaining access to many of those new technologies and implement them in an abundance based fashion.

The complete freedom we will gain through the use of TBC and other abundance based crypto-currencies that will come along to aid in this wonderful idea and implementation of abundance.

We will see peace and prosperity like humanity has never known in this world before.

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