One of the questions people ask about TBC is. Is TBC for real? Well, there is plenty of excitement going on right now about TBC, because of what just happened in the Philippines. 110 tribes of the Philippine people officially and legally made TBC their preferred money for the use of purchasing goods and services in the marketplace. This marks a milestone for TBC. TBC is fast becoming a preferred monetary system for use in the marketplace in more countries.

10s of 1000s of people who left TBC because of the backlog our system had in 2017 are returning and paying their $10 wallet fee in order to access their coins which have significantly accumulated value since they left. We are glad for everyone returning to the wealth still awaiting them.

The Price of TBC is now pegged to the price of GOLD. Making each coin worth 2.2 Billion USD at full price.

If your leader has disappeared, I am willing to help you if you need anything regarding TBC.


 When TBC reaches its ultimate price, it will be a completely decentralized system that operates totally peer to peer with no central wallet system. And it will have the capacity to end world poverty. If you a not yet using TBC, then claim your Free gift right now, or learn more about how the kringles system works and how the TBC cookies reward program works… Don’t have a TBC Wallet yet? Then I have a Free Gift for You!

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